Bus Passes

  • For safety and security reasons, the Transportation Office requests that students ride only their assigned buses. Bus passes are limited to emergencies only (family illness, death in family, car accident, etc.). Should an emergency occur, students must provide a written note, signed by a parent/guardian and brought to the front lobby receptionist prior to 9:20 am. nce the legitimacy of the note is authenticated,  a bus pass will be issued to the student. It will be the student’s responsibility to give it to the driver.  Requests for bus passes for after-school activities cannot be approved. 

    Alternate Bus Passes

      • Alternate bus pass requests require form completion and approval by transportation.

      • Alternate bus pass requests are verified via phone call to the enrolling parent.

      • Once an alternate address is approved, the student cannot ride their “home” bus without canceling the alternate bus pass.

    Alternate Week Bus Passes

      • Alternate week bus passes (or any other rotation) require a note EACH time the bus pass is needed.  We do not take a schedule from a parent.

      • The enrolling parent has to make the request or write a note granting permission for another parent/guardian to make bus pass requests.

      • Once the request is initially verified, subsequent passes (on the same schedule) do not need to be verified.

    Emergency Bus Passes

      • Emergency bus passes requests should be brought to the front desk at the beginning of the school day.

      • Emergency bus pass requests are verified with enrolling parents prior to being issued. 

      • These bus passes are only to be issued in the case of an emergency and requests can be refused if the reason given is not valid.

    New Student Bus Passes

      • Bus pass is issued as part of the enrollment process.

    New Address Bus Passes

      • Once a new address is verified, a bus pass is issued.