Welcome to Osborne Middle School

  • To identify the articulation needs of students enrolling after the start of school, we set up an appointment time for each new family.  We set up this time to enable families to communicate their concerns and their unique situations so that we can know how to best serve them.  By communicating with our families, we can identify many opportunities to offer assistance to all students registering to attend our school, including those students registering outside our cluster after school begins.

    When a student is new to our country, we will explain the process of visiting the International Newcomers Center (INC), so that all students can be tested and placed correctly academically.  At the International Newcomers Center, there is a plethora of information to help our families, including translators available to assist with their communication needs.  Once enrolled through the INC, the student will be guided as to which school they will attend, according to their address.  Once registered at our school, we will introduce our ESOL teacher to the family, and she will welcome them in person and communicate how they will be served in our ESOL program.  Our ESOL teacher will create a schedule where the student(s) will be assisted daily to perfect their English skills.  We are privileged to have staff members who are bilingual to assist our families as well.

    Should a student and his/her family reside with another family to register in our school zone, we offer them additional documentation called a Residency Affidavit. 

    We distribute a registration brochure with QR codes during our enrollment meetings to assist parents with general school information.  This reviews important information such as the GCPS school calendar, ParentVUE, and StudentVUE, among other registration topics. 

    In addition, we supply each family with a "Frank N. Osborne Middle School Information Booklet," created by our principal, to review some essential guidelines specifically for Osborne Middle School such as agenda books for each student to use as a hall pass, our "School Telephone Numbers" to help assist our parents quickly, our information on our "Student Extra Help Days" offered three days a week, and so on.  In addition, we review bus transportation information with the parents the day before the student begins school.  

    To ensure a welcoming atmosphere for the student's first day of school, we ask that each student arrive to check in at the front desk with their parents by 8:30 am.  The parent receives a copy of the student's schedule and clarifies their mode of transportation on day one, and then the parent may leave at that time.

    Students will be welcomed and led into our media center where they will check out a Chromebook and charger.  They will also be given a schedule, an agenda book, and an ID Card.  Furthermore, they will be given a tour of our school by a student peer or a staff member and will be introduced to their teachers.  A classroom buddy is assigned to each student on the day they start school so that he/she will have someone to help inside the classroom for additional assistance and support at the end of the day when being dismissed. 

    We have an incredible team of faculty and staff who truly care about our students and want to make a difference.  Our goal at Osborne is to empower all students to SOAR every day, and this is exactly what we do.