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Lost Arts Club

  • Mission:

    The Lost Arts Club welcomes all that would like to learn what most of our ancestors knew how to do and is now almost forgotten. Knitting and crocheting has been taught for centuries. Knitted sock artifacts in Egypt dating from the 11th century have even been found! This is an art that almost all learned from an early age regardless of culture. Come learn with us a skill that could last the rest of your life, as well as teach others. 

    Description of Activities:

    Lost Arts Club is a place for students to learn the basics to crochet and knitting. After learning the basics, you could one day create your own hats, blankets, dish towels, and even socks and sweaters.  We are hoping to eventually teach other skills such as: cross stitch, quilting, and maybe even basket weaving!

    Student Requirements:

    All interested students are welcome!


    The Lost Arts Club membership fee is $20 and will be payable on MyPaymentsPlus. The fee will cover supplies such as yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, ect.

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