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    We know that families want easy access and one go-to location for need-to-know information about their student's education, from records to resources. Just as important, you want an easy way to stay in touch with the school. The Updated Parent Portal gives parents access to grades, assignments, and communication with teachers. The Parent Portal gives families a direct line to the classroom, with 24/7 real-time information and anytime, anywhere access, with in-portal translation in multiple languages.

    Parent Portal Registration Form


    Why must a parent come to Osborne to apply for a parent portal account? 

    A parent must apply in person, with an id, in order to request a parent portal for the student.  Due to security reasons and the release of private information, we must see the parent. Without expressed, written consent, only the biological or adoptive parent may be on the portal. This can’t be done over the phone or through a fax. 

    What happens after the information is entered in Synergy? 

    The parent will receive an email with an activation link within minutes.  Parents should check SPAM or Trash or regular email for the message.  The message will be from go2. 

    How long does a parent have to set up an account with the parent portal after receiving the email link?  Unlimited time. 

    What happens if he/she doesn’t set up the account in a timely manner? 

    The email link will always be there, ready to use, as long as the parent has not deleted the message. 

    Can a family have two parent portal accounts? 

    Yes, these emails will link to Synergy for the teachers. A teacher should click on the student name to get both addresses, or use the email feature in Synergy to obtain both names. 

    Can a step-parent be on the portal? 

    Yes, with the permission of the biological parent.  The parent signs the permission document and the step parent fills out the parent portal sheet and provides an id.  Lisa Lane has these sheets.