Clinic Contact Info

  • Clinic Worker: Jill Terry
    Phone: 678.765.5979
    Fax: 678.765.5801

    Email Ms. Terry

    Clinic Hours: 8:15 A.M. - 4:15 P.M.

About the Clinic

  • Osborne Middle School maintains a clinic for students. Clinic personnel supervise the administration of medications, assess healthcare needs, and administer emergency first aid when appropriate. When students become ill or injured during the school day, they should report it immediately to a teacher and request permission to go to the clinic. Clinic personnel will contact parents as situations require. 

    It is imperative that parents complete a Clinic Card at the beginning of the school year. It must include current address and phone number, medical conditions, emergency numbers, and a valid parent signature. If changes occur during the year, parents should notify the clinic. Students with conditions which require monitoring during the school day (i.e. asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, severe allergies, seizures, etc.) will need a medical plan completed by a parent/guardian. Please contact the clinic if your student requires a medical plan. Diabetic and allergy plans require more than one form to be completed. If you have any questions about these forms or wish to set up a team meeting to review your child’s plan, please contact the clinic.  


    For the safety of all students at our school, the following guidelines should be followed when requesting administration of medications at school:

    1. Only those medications required during school hours should be administered at school. Please check with your physician regarding the need for medications to be administered during school hours.
    2. All medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be accompanied by a completed Administration of Medication Request form and brought to the school clinic by an adult. Students may not transport medications to school.
    3. All medications must be in an original child-proof container. Prescription medications must be in their labeled prescription bottle. School staff will only administer medication according to the directions on the label.
    4. Any medications remaining at the end of the school year must be picked up or school staff will dispose of them.
    5. Students may only carry medication as prescribed by law with the required documentation. Please check with our school clinic worker if your child needs to carry emergency medications with them.