• Each Mini-semester our students have all the following courses:

    Language Arts (College Prep)
    Freshman English S1 & S2; Sophomore English S1 & S2; Junior English S1 & S2; Senior English S1 & S2

    Mathematics (College Prep)
    Algebra I S1 & S2; Geometry S1 & S2; Algebra II S1 & S2; Advanced Mathematical Decision Making S1 & S2; Pre-Calculus S1

    Science (College Prep)
    Biology S1 & S2; Physical Science S1 & S2; Chemistry S1 & S2; Physics S1 & S2; Environmental Science S1

     Social Studies (College Prep)
    World History S1 & S2; US History S1 & S2; Political Systems; Economics

    Foreign Language
    Spanish I S1 & S2; Spanish II S1 & S2

    Aiding: Day Care, Media Center, Office; Art: Commercial Photography - all levels, Drawing & Painting, Pottery; Digital Media & Video - all levels; Financial Literacy S1 & S2; Food Science S1 & S2; Media Science S1 & S2; Personal Fitness; ; Science & Social Students Gateway Composition; Service Learning; Weight Lifting; Work-Based Learning