Student Council

  • We, the dedicated leaders of tomorrow's today, challenge ourselves to always strive for excellence in order to form a more united student body in the following ways:To promote unity while respecting individuality and diversity

    • To encourage and create student enthusiasm in school activities
    • To be a contributing voice in our school
    • To be a visible and approachable outlet for the students
    • To unite the student body for a common purpose of equality, fairness, and respect
    • To encourage total involvement, with participation in artistic, academic, and athletic activities
    • To build school spirit and pride in our community
    • To foster communication between the students, staff, and administration
    • To exemplify our beliefs and live our mission statement in every student interactions.

    By accomplishing all of the above, we will enhance our success and establish a foundation of pride, responsibility, and respect at Berkmar High School.

     Meeting Location: Screening Room A

    Student Council Advisor: Dr. N Vaughn

    Class Advisors

    Senior Advisor: Ms. K Williams

    Junior Advisor: Ms. L Sims 

    Sophomore Advisor: Ms. R Williams

    Freshmen Advisor: Mr. K Casebolt

    School Sponsored Non-Curricular Club

    Student Council Officers Roles and Responsibilities

    Community Service Log


    Requirements for Graduation Cord

    1. Students must have at least 75 hours of community service over your 4 years of high school. If you transfer to Berkmar HS from another school, your community service hours from that institution carry over (with proper documentation).
    2. Students must attend at least 80% (8 out of 10) meetings PER YEAR. Attendance is recorded at each meeting.
    3. Students must be a paid and participating member of Student Council for a minimum of 3 years.
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Application Process

  • Freshman Application

    Member Application Form

    Faculty Recommendation Form

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2023-24 Meeting Dates

  • October 13
    November 10
    December 8
    January 12
    February 9
    March 8
    April 12
    May 3