• PBIS Information

    What is PBIS at Berkmar?

    Berkmar High School is a PBIS school. PBIS is a program that helps students develop the practice of positive behaviors.

    The Basic Philosophy of PBIS:

    • TEACH students how they are expected to behave
    • REINFORCE their good behavior
    • PROVIDE SUPPORT to students as they learn to correct misdirected behaviors

    PBIS is a framework for creating and sustaining an effective school-wide behavior system with an emphasis on preventing problems. Shifting the focus to prevention minimizes behavioral problems and increases academic time for students. Providing predictability, stability, clear limits, consistency, and routine helps create safe learning environments. Structure helps students to develop internal control and self-discipline by organizing their world and providing age-appropriate opportunities for them to make their own positive decisions. PBIS has been successful in schools throughout the United States and has been met with success in several schools in Georgia.

    pbis Berkmar Expectations:

    Be Respectful

    • Use school appropriate language, tone, and volume.
    • Constantly treat others with kindness, dignity and consideration
    • Bring positive attitudes daily; be conscious of your impact on others

    Be Responsible

    • Recognize others’ rights to learn
    • Own your actions; you are responsible for what you do and say
    • Leave each area you in a cleaner condition than when you arrived

    Be Ready

    • Bring all needed materials to class daily
    • Ask relevant questions and be ready to participate
    • Complete assignments on time; do your own work


    For more information, visit the PBIS website.