Skate Club

  • The Skate Club’s mission is to provide a fun opportunity for students to participate in skateboarding as an extracurricular “club” activity and to interact with other students who have a shared interest in skateboarding. Our high school skate club provides us with several benefits. Among those benefits are:  

    • To keep students active and involved as there is an incentive to come to school for an activity they are invested in and enjoy. This provides a fulfilling enrichment to their lives by maintaining a healthy lifestyle of regular athletic exercise, instills self-discipline required for practice/competition, and builds self-esteem through attainment or goals.  
    • To develop the skills necessary to be part of a team and to form the positive relationships that develop during extracurricular and high school club-based activities.  
    • Expanding students’ leadership skills by conducting demonstrations or community outreach events.   

    Meeting Location: Trailer 9

    Sponsor:  Mr. Hale

    School Sponsored Non-Curricular Club

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