• Credit Recovery

    Berkmar High School offers several opportunities to make up classes needed for graduation. Please check each available option below to determine the best choice for you.

    Gwinnett County Online Classgwinnett online campus

    GCPS students have the opportunity to take online courses for grades 9-12 in addition to or as part of their regular school day. Students may take courses outside their normal school day. These courses are offered on a for-fee tuition basis. We recommend that students take no more than one course per session outside of their regular school day. Students are responsible for contacting their counselor to register. For more information, please access the GOC website.

    Phoenix High Schoolphoenix high school logo

    Phoenix High School is part of the Gwinnett County Public School System. Seventh period students are students that attend another Gwinnett County High School during the school day and then attend Phoenix during 4th and/or 5th period for a fee of $250 per semester course ($100 for credit recovery). All registration will take place online. Meet with your counselor for registration guidance and information. For more information, please access the Phoenix HS website.

    Credit Recovery at Berkmar High School

    We are currently offering Credit Recovery classes! Space is very limited and participation is NOT guaranteed. Please have students meet with their counselor to sign up. 

    Tocredit recovery qualify for enrollment in a credit recovery class, a student must have previously taken the same standard, traditional course and earned a final grade within the range of 50-69. Please schedule an appointment with your Counselor to see if you qualify!

    Students will have an additional grade issued for the course on his or her transcript. No grade will be issued for students who score lower than 70%.

    *The NCAA does not accept the Credit Recovery program course credits for its student-athletes.

    Private School or Online Programs outside of GCPS

    If you plan to attend an organization not affiliated with Gwinnett County Public Schools, please see your counselor PRIOR to registering. Approval for the class/es is required.