• Advanced Placement

    Studies have shown that students who take AP courses and exams are much more likely than their peers to complete a bachelor's degree in four years or less. After taking an AP course, students should take the corresponding AP Exam. Depending on their score and the college they ultimately attend, students could earn college credit and save them (and you!) time and money. Please contact your child’s teachers if you have questions about specific AP courses and/or your child’s potential for success in them.

  • AP Scholars, As you reset for the new year, there is some pre-work that you will need to embark on

    as you prepare for your next AP class. 

    Follow all directions linked to the classes that you are signed up for. Remember to reach out to your teacher if you need assistance.

    Summer Work by AP Course

AP Course Information

  • If you have questions about specific courses, please contact your child’s current teacher in that subject area. Course offerings are dependent on enrollment numbers.

    The College Board website offers a tremendous amount of information about AP courses. Please be sure to visit their parent site at College Board.

  • Art

    Studio Art
    2D Design Portfolio
    3D Design Portfolio

  • Language Arts

    Language and Composition
    Literature and Composition

  • Math

    Calculus AB
    Calculus BC

  • Modern Language

    Spanish Language and Culture

  • Science

    Computer Science A

  • Social Studies

    Human Geography
    US History
    US Government and Politics
    World History