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    COVID-19 Morning Checklist!

    Every morning before your student leaves for school, please check your student’s health. Ask these questions every day

    COVID 19 Morning Checklist


    COVID-19 Case Reporting and Communication:

    Gwinnett County Public Schools wants to be sure families know where to find information about Covid-19 cases in Gwinnett County and in the school district.

    COVID 19 Reporting Resources

  • Valuable Clinic Information For Parents And Students:

    • The clinic is available to assist students in the event medical attention is needed during school hours.
    • If your child has a current medical condition, please document that information on your child’s clinic card.
    • You will also need to complete a medical plan which will inform us as to how to best care for your child.
    • The clinic cannot provide medication for students.
    • If medication is needed, it must be bought to the clinic by a parent for storage.  
    • An Administration of Medication Request form must be completed and left with the medication. 
    • Clinic workers cannot provide medical advice or diagnose any condition.