• Lanier Middle School Community Service Program

    Living in the city of Sugar Hill provides our students with some "sweet" opportunities. Lanier Middle School is launching this new program that leverages our students' pride for Sugar Hill by transforming this pride into actionable service - "Building Community through Service".

    Building Community Through Service

    Over the course of this school year, students will have 2 opportunities per semester to participate in service projects:

    Semester 1

    • September 23 | Shore Sweep- Completed
    • October 21-22 | Sugar Rush- Completed

    Semester 2 

    • March 23 | Lanier Cluster Showcase- Completed
    • April 20 | Greenway Clean-up



    • Participating students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the event.
    • Participating students must check in with a school representative upon arrival.

    Recognition of our Student Community Builders

    Students who complete 3 out of 4 planned events will be recognized at the end of year Awards Ceremonies with a Longhorn Community Service Award.

    Students completing all 4 planned events will be recognized with distinction.