Parent Visitation

  • Lanier Middle School appreciates the value of parent and school partnership in ensuring a student’s success, so we encourage our parents to be a part of our school, meet with teachers, and even visit their students’ classrooms.

    Our teachers have many meetings and other conferences during their school day, so if you would like to meet with your student’s teacher(s), please make contact with a counselor or teacher to make an appointment. Upon arriving at the school, please follow the posted directions to receive a visitor’s badge. Please also sign out upon leaving.

    Additionally, if you would like to visit your student’s classroom, please contact one of the assistant principals to set this up in advance. Again, please sign in at the front office and sign out upon leaving. We ask that while you are here, you only visit your student’s classroom(s) and only on the day(s) and time(s) arranged before your visit.

    Thank you for your partnership with Lanier in helping us educate your student(s).