What is MTSS?

  • MTSS | Multi-Tiered System of Support

    MTSS includes behavior (PBIS), academics (RTI), mental health (SMH), and other services (WRAP). 

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MTSS Umbrella

RTI Framework

  • Student Mental Health (SMH)  

    Similar tiered approach.

    Focused on the whole child.

    Incorporates programs, like Advisement, No Place for Hate, Kindness initiative, etc.













  • Student Support Team (SST)

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    The purpose of a Student Support Team is to develop an action plan in order to support students in the general education setting.

    Members could include parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, and other relevant personnel. (Students are not typically included in lower grades.)

    Data related to the student's attendance, academic mastery, behavioral performance, and, school history are discussed.


  • Response to Intervention (RTI) has 3 Tiers. 

    All tiers are in the general education setting.

    This is a fluid placement and students may move up or down through the tiers at any time.

    Tier 1 applies to all students; 

    Tier 2 is focused on students needing specific intervention for grade level standards; and

    Tier 3 provides intensive support for foundational concepts and skills.



SST Pyramid

  • Wrap Around Services

    Wrap Around Services include things like occupational therapy, assistive technology, and other services based on need. Attendance, food or home insecurity, etc. can be addressed with the support of our social worker, counselors, and leadership team.





SST Meeting