The CTE department at Grayson High School consists of six distinctive pathways designed to support college and career education for our students.  Each of the pathways has at least three courses designed to prepare students for potential careers.  Each graduating senior must have three full credits from CTE, Foreign Language, and/or Fine Arts.

    Gwinnett County Public Schools Career Guide

  • Agriculture and Natural Resources Management

    • Basic Agriculture Science
    • Forest Science (4th year science)
    • Natural Resource Management (4th year science)

  • Business & Finance

    • Introduction to Business Technology
    • Financial Literacy
    • Banking, Insurance & Investment (online through Gwinnett Online Campus)

  • Computer Science

    • Introduction to Software Technology
    • Computer Science Principles
    • Game Design
    • AP Computer Science Principles (counts as a 4th year science)
    • AP Computer Science A (counts as a 4th year science)

    The student interest in this pathway exceeds our current personnel.  If a student is registered for Introduction to Digital Technology or would like to take the course, there is a high probability that the student will have to take the course through Gwinnett Online Campus while being at Grayson High School. GHS will cover the cost and ensure a student has access to a computer daily with adult supervision.  

  • Education

    • Early Childhood Education 1
    • Early Childhood Education 2
    • Early Childhood Practicum
    • Teaching as a Profession

  • Engineering

    • Foundations of Engineering and Technology
    • Engineering Concepts
    • Engineering Applications

  • Food & Nutrition

    • Food Wellness
    • Food Through the Lifespan (counts as a 4th year science)
    • Food Science (counts as a 4th year science)

  • Marketing

    • Marketing Principles
    • Sports & Entertainment Marketing
    • Fashion Marketing
    • Marketing & Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing Management (School Store)




    Students working as a team on a project