Gifted Education

  • Grayson High School's gifted program is designed to give students labeled as "Gifted" the most opportunities to reach their potential.

    Mrs. Cheryl Miles is our gifted coordinator and is also responsible for the testing of students that are recommended for testing by our teachers.

    At Grayson, we offer gifted courses in all four core classes, as well as Spanish.  We also offer blended courses (gifted students with non-gifted students) in many math courses and all Advanced Placement courses.

    Gifted courses (not AP) do not receive any extra points or weighting on a student's transcript. 

    Students are not automatically placed in a gifted course during the registration process unless the course is a blended course.  For example, a gifted student is not automatically placed in gifted Chemistry if their performance has not reflected the pre-requisite knowledge to be successful at the gifted Chemistry level.