Credit Recovery

  • It is our continuing goal to ensure that the parents and students at Grayson High School have the most up-to-date and relevant information regarding graduation and course recovery.

    The credit recovery program is used to recover a failing grade and to get students back on track for graduation. The purpose of the credit recovery program is for students in all grades (9th – 12th) to receive the opportunity to complete previously failed course work using the self–paced GA Virtual School Credit Recovery Modules. The learning modules are designed and approved by the state department of education. Credit Recovery works when students utilize their customized learning tasks to make–up needed courses (pre-tests, assignments/content, post-tests, and final exam). The CR students are expected to stay on track for graduation after completion of the make-up course and/or courses.

    If you have questions about the credit recovery program, please do not hesitate to email Dr. Sharon Butler (


  • What is the credit recovery program?

    Credit Recovery is a broad term referring to the recouping of credit for a course that student previously failed in the 60 to 69 range.  Credit Recovery was designed to supplement the learning of a student that was close to passing the course but lacked the skills and knowledge to receive credit according to the GCPS procedures and policies.

    At Grayson High School, we utilize Georgia Virtual as the main method of receiving both instruction and credit.

  • What is the cost of credit recovery?

    Credit recovery through the GA Virtual School platform is free for each student the first time they attempt to recover a credit.  For example, if a student is attempting the first semester of Algebra, their course enrollment for the first 6 months is absolutely free.  If the student is not finished at the end of six months, the student is automatically removed from the course without receiving any credit.  If a student is interested in re-enrolling in the first semester of Algebra, the student and their family will have to pay $25 to enter back into the course.

  • Does a credit recovery course impact NCAA eligibility?

    Credit Recovery courses are not certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse and will not be accepted as credit in the eyes of the NCAA.  Credit Recovery credit can help a student athlete remain on track to participate in a specific season but families of student athletes should be extremely mindful of credit recovery courses if a NCAA scholarship is a legitimate option. Please see NCAA and Credit Recovery for additional information.

  • How is the grade determined for credit recovery?

    Each student will receive a new grade for the course with a unique course number on the transcript that denotes the course was a credit recovery course and not a regular course.  

    Eighty percent (80%) of the student's grade comes from the unit tests in the subject.  The remaining 20% comes from the final exam in the course.  If the course is an End of Course subject (Algebra, Geometry, Biology, 9th & 11th grade Language Arts, Physical Science, US History, or Economics), the student's final exam will be the End of Course Test and will count 20% towards the student's overall grade.

    If a student does not reach 70% in the credit recovery course, he/she will not receive credit and no grade will be transcribed on his/her transcript.  Students are eligible to attempt the overall course again if they are unsuccessful the first time.