• John Adams: Cafeteria Manager

    Breakfast is served from 6:50 am to 7:20 am. Lunch service begins at 10:19 am and ends at 12:40 pm.

    Students are not allowed to bring in fast food items or have them delivered for lunch.


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Breakfast and Lunch Prices
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    MyPaymentsPlus allows you to go online and manage your student's meal account. You can make deposits at no cost and create settings to auto-replenish your account or receive free reminders when the balance is low.

  • Breakfast

    • Title 1 schools – all students will receive breakfast at no charge
    • Non-Title 1 schools – Free and Reduced-Price students will receive breakfast at no charge.  Students with Full Pay eligibility will be charged $1.50
    • Staffing challenges may limit the ability to serve breakfast outside of the cafeteria.  Please work with your manager if that is an option you are considering.


    • All students will be charged for lunch based on their current eligibility status (Free, Reduced, Full Pay)
    • There have been no changes to meal prices. Meal Prices for lunch are as follows: Reduced - $.40 cents; ES Lunch - $2.25; MS/HS Lunch - $2.50

    POS and Meal Service

    • POS must be used at all schools for all meals.  Meals still must be accounted for based on individual student eligibility.
    • Using a clicker is not an option.
    • Students will either have their ID card scanned or they will need to enter their Student ID into the keypad.
    • If scanning, ID cards will be printed and distributed by the front office.  Cards can be printed from Synergy.  Contact IMT if you need support.
    • We can only provide meals to GCPS students attending in-person instruction.
    • Digital learners and/or parents are no longer permitted to pick up meals for home.
    • The district meal charge guidelines will also be in effect.

    Free and Reduced Information

    • As a reminder, SY21-22 Free and Reduced eligibility status will carry over for the first 30 school days of SY23 (through 9/14).
    • The online SY23 Free and Reduced application is now available – SY23 Free and Reduced Online Application
    • Paper applications are in the process of being shipped to the local schools.

    Free and Reduced Questions – please contact the Free and Reduced Supervisor – Debra Bluck