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    3DE’s multifaceted approach to learning uses case methodology to integrate real-world connectivity into the standard high school experience. This universally effective approach to learning is the anchor for interdisciplinary instruction, relevant connectivity, and authentic project-based application that is delivered in every 3DE school. The result is a high school experience that reflects the dynamic pace of activity and interconnectedness of life beyond the classroom walls.

    3DE’s dedicated teachers set high expectations and foster a strong sense of community among their students. Year-over-year, the curriculum layers in defined competencies to continually build students’ skills and mindset as they advance from facilitated learning to self-directed. By the end of their four-year high school career, students graduate with the knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in post-secondary and beyond.

  • Core Competencies

    Student learning in 3DE is focused on six core competencies that are applicable to school, career and life.

    CREATIVITY & INNOVATION: Distinguishes opportunities to progress, create or disrupt assumptions and takes action to do so through original thought and approach. Individuals are constantly looking to improve, advance the status quo, and are comfortable taking calculated risk.

    CULTURAL AGILITY: Assess situations and environmental norms to identify opportunities and threats, and determine savvy strategies to address conditions. Individuals intentionally read context clues and identify stakeholder perspectives to swiftly develop or adapt techniques that foster positive relationships and drive optimal performance.

    SELF-DIRECTION: Capable to set priorities and execute with integrity and initiative to accurately achieve maximum productivity. Individuals are inquisitive and resourceful with a confident understanding of the role in which they play and responsibility to effectively meet their goals.

    EFFECTIVE COLLABORATION: Promotes and generates cooperation to achieve collective input and output from a diversity of entities. Individuals are accustom to seeking and unifying a range of perspectives and creating open and productive environments to energize positive action.

    ENGAGING COMMUNICATION: Effectively transfers thoughts and information through appropriate channels to influence progress towards a desired outcome. Individuals are capable of articulating a position through knowledge, diversity of experiences, confidence, and compassion.

    CRITICAL & ANALYTICAL THINKING: Uses logic, research, data and intuition to break down complex
    problems and determine feasible strategies. Individuals do not approach situations at face value, but instead observe, reflect and evaluate to draw pragmatic conclusions.

  • Case Challenges (grades 9-11)

    Throughout students' work in ninth, tenth and eleventh grade, students complete case challenges that develop students in the six core competencies. The case challenges begin with an introduction from one of our business partners. Students then work on the problem they have received and at the end of the challege, present their solutions. In addition, for many business partners, students are able to make a site visit to learn more about the company.

    In ninth grade students consistently engage in facilitated learning that sets the foundation for a lifetime of discovery and growth. Case challenges focus on the following themes: making effective decisions, collaborating and building teams, filling a need, creating customer experience, communicating successfully, and setting goals.

    During a student's tenth grade 3DE experience, the student will learn independently and work collaboratively to conceptualize and articulate solutions to complex challenges. Case challenges focus on the following themes: developing ideas, analyzing and applying data, understanding reponsibility and accountability, shaping the customer experience, gathering useful information, and building a brand.

    Throghout the third year of 3DE students utilize their experiences, knowledge and skills to proactively identify opportunities and cultivate teams to develop and implement strategies to achieve objectives. Case challenges focus on the following themes: creating and building value, thinking critically, managing change, and strategic planning. In addition, students in eleventh garde have the opportunity to create their own product and/or business to put what they have learned into practice.

  • Case Challenges (grade 12)

    During the twelfth grade year, students effectively transfer the thoughts, information and perspectives curated in 3DE to successfully navigate and perform in a professional environment. During the senior year teams of 3DE students work as consultants to businesses to work though larger and more complex problems with our business partners.

  • Hear From Our Students

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