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    Our Principles for Teaching & Learning

    Commitment to excellence in our core business of teaching and learning requires us to hold certain principles fundamental to our success.  In maintaining and practicing these principles, we will attain our vision of a collaborative learning community that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to be successful in a competitive global environment.

  • aspire to be the best

    Advance the vision of excellence in education through high academic expectations. 

    Cultivate a collaborative culture through energy and enthusiasm for teaching and learning. 

    Innovate, assess, reflect, and adapt for continuous improvement.

    Develop a thorough understanding of the subject matter and standards to be mastered (GCPS).

    Graduate critical consumers of information who are knowledgeable and productive citizens of a democratic global society.

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  • build a great team with a winning culture

    Create a culture of trust and communication among our colleagues, our students, and our community.

    Maintain an environment of respect, civility, collaboration, and inclusiveness.

    Develop professionally through active participation in staff development.

    Collaborate weekly to refine and extend best teaching practices based on common assessment data. 

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  • execute superbly

    Identify, sequence, and organize the essential content.

    Design and deliver standard-based unit and daily lesson plans for every period every day.

    Differentiate, enrich, and accelerate academic experiences for students.

    Prescribe rigorous, authentic student work that maximizes engagement and critical thinking.

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