• Available Jobs

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  • Requirements

    • Junior or Senior
    • Must be employed by the start of the school year
    • Reliable transportation to work off campus
    • Academically in good standing
    • Good attendance record
    • No discipline issues
    • Pass Coordinator Interview
    • Have teacher recommendations of character
    • Parental Permission

  • Registration

    WBL Screening Application

  • Code of Ethics

    I will accept a training job only if I intend to keep it.

    I will abide by the rules and regulations of my school and my employer.

    I will profit from my mistakes and will accept constructive criticism with a proper attitude.

    I will be honest and sincere in all my school and work activities.

    I will keep all office business in strict confidence.

    I will maintain high moral standards at all times.

    I will conform to the dress code set by my employer and strive to be neat and attractive in appearance at all times.

    I will actively participate in my job-related CTSO.

Coordinator Contact

  • Norcross HS
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  • The Gwinnett County Public Schools Work-Based Learning Program allows Juniors and Seniors who have an identified career objective to obtain experience and skills in a workplace setting.  It offers students a unique opportunity to prepare for future educational and career goals while in high school.  Any work-based learning program is an elective course, and students are issued 0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 Carnegie units per semester based on the individual student’s registered course, assessed performance and work release time. This Program was developed as a result of the School to Work Opportunities Act insuring a well-educated and highly-skilled workforce and encompasses:

    • A one or two-year sequence of work experience designed to develop each  student’s academic and occupational competencies
    • On-the-job training guided by a skilled work-site mentor, and
    • Training based on competency standards developed by industry and labor

    Work-Based Learning students receive support from four sources:

    • A work-site mentor/employer
    •  The local school Faculty and/or Community-Based Advisory Committee
    • The local school Work-Based Learning Coordinator
    • The Gwinnett County Public Schools Work-Based Learning Coordinator

    No matter a student’s plans for the future, the Gwinnett County Public Schools Work-Based Learning Programs offer real-world experience that will benefit students in any program of study. These programs provide students with teachable moments in a work setting, supplying essential lessons that a young person can use in making decisions about future school or career plans.

    A Work-Based Learning Program:

    • Connects student learning more directly to the world of work
    • Provides high-quality, work-based experiences for students
    • Assigns each student in the program to an employer whose job opportunity matches as closely as possible to the student’s academic and career goals
    • Enhances the educational foundation and career preparation students will need to succeed as adults
    • Cultivates the knowledge and skills of students to help them become business leaders for our economic future



  • Our mission is to integrate core academics through technical skill attainment including critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork through “hands-on” application and to create opportunities for students to meet global challenges through emerging technologies by enhancing opportunities for instructor and student engagement through high-quality professional learning, career development, mentor training, and authentic work-based learning opportunities.