8th Grade Math

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  • In Math, students must be able to solve linear equations, evaluate and compare functions, and work with scientific notation and irrational numbers. Additionally, students will have to accomplish some of these skills WITHOUT the use of a calculator. 

    Teachers work with students on a daily basis, unpacking assessment data and providing targeted support for students who have not yet mastered the required content. eCLASS pages are updated with resources, including practice assessments and writing prompts -- all as part of regular instruction.

    In eighth grade, students must score at least 525+ for Proficient OR 579+ for Distinguished on the Math EOG (end of grade) GMAS. In addition to meeting scoring requirements, ALL students are expected to show growth from the previous year’s testing.

    Eighth grade students also take the Algebra I EOC (end of course) exam in addition to the EOG.

What does mastery look like?

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How can you help your child be ready?

  • Testing
    • Mark your calendars! Attendance is crucial during the weeks leading up to and including the GMAS exams.
    • Know the numbers! If your student has failed to meet grade-level expectations in past years, help them prepare at home. Challenge your proficient student to move to distinguished!
    • Ask questions! Ask your student how they are preparing and how you can help. Remind them of resources!
    • Believe! GMAS is one indicator of learning – and it is powerful. Talk to your child’s teacher if you have questions.

Want to learn more?

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Want to help your student be their best?

  • Ask your child about using i-Ready, Delta Math, Desmos, Khan Academy and more! Some of these tools are available through the student portal.

    Be sure to check your child's eClass pages for updates from teachers.