• Parking Procedures and Regulations


    As we continue to Expect Excellence in Everything, we want to give families advanced notice that students with parking decals are required to pass ALL classes, including any online or dual enrollment classes. Students must also be on track to graduate.  This requirement begins in July 2024, so it is important for students to pass all classes in Spring 2024 to qualify for a student parking decal. We will continue to have behavioral and attendance standards for parking as well. Parking is a privilege that is earned. Students who do not meet these requirements may ride the bus or have their parents drop-off and pick-up through our car rider line.  Parking decals will be issued to seniors who meet requirements first, then juniors who meet the requirements.  Freshmen and Sophomores will not be granted parking decals regardless of age. 



    To complete the Parking Application please follow the instructions below through MyPaymentPlus:

    1. Login into your MyPaymentsPlus account
    2. Click on School Fees
    3. Click "PAY" next to Parking Permit
    4. Follow instructions to complete parking form and make payment
    5. Once complete, students may report to main office to pick up permit

    Please allow 24 hours for processing!

    Please Note:   The following criteria must be met before a student can apply for a parking permit:

    I. No MAJOR disciplinary referrals (i.e. drugs, weapons, fighting, AWOL from school, or any activity that could lead to a county disciplinary referral).  Any student suspended pending a disciplinary panel will lose their parking privileges for one year.        

    II. Students with more than four (4) unexcused tardies to school will have their parking permits suspended and/or revoked for the remaining semester.

    Each student who drives an automobile to school must register the vehicle by purchasing a parking permit.  Parking permits cost $70.00 for the year.  No refunds will be issued.  The parking decal must be permanently attached to the vehicle.  In the event a student must drive a temporary vehicle to school, the student must sign the car in at the front office.  Personal notes left on the dash are not acceptable.  Unauthorized vehicles will receive a parking ticket. After the second violation, a parking boot will be attached to the car.  Vehicles may also be towed at the owner’s expense.  Students are reminded that ALL school rules are in effect in the parking area before, during, and after school.

    Parking permits may not be sold, traded, or transferred from one student to another.  Any student who sells, trades, or gives their parking pass to another student will have their parking privileges permanently suspended.  The student who receives the unauthorized parking permit will have their parking privileges suspended for one year.  Replacement stickers are subject to a $15.00 fee.  The original parking decal must be returned at the time of the replacement request.  Failure to return the original parking sticker will result in the student having to register their vehicle again for $70.00.  Efforts are made to ensure parking lot security; however, Mountain View High School and Gwinnett County Public Schools assume no responsibility for damages, loss, or theft.  If a car accident occurs on campus, it is up to the individuals involved to report the accident to school officials and the police to settle damages.

     In addition to those things listed above:

    1. Drivers and passengers must leave their vehicles and parking lot immediately upon arrival and report to their classrooms.
    2. No one may enter the parking lot during the day (except those students that are scheduled to leave) without written permission from the Administration.  Your vehicle will not be used as a locker.
    3. The Administration has the right to search your vehicle as deemed necessary.  Such searches may be conducted without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant.
    4. Busses and pedestrians always have the right of way.
    5. Be courteous and cautious. Speed limit is 10mph.
    6. No loud mufflers, tire squealing, fast starts, “doughnuts,” reckless driving, or loud radios will be tolerated.
    7. Students are not allowed to ride in the back of any pick-up truck.
    8. After leaving school, students should not return without written permission.
    9. No smoking while arriving in, leaving, or walking through the parking lot.
    10. Any reassignment of parking spaces can only be done by the Administration.
    11. Your vehicle must occupy no more than 1 space.
    12. All vehicles must have a sticker attached to the windshield to park on campus.  If a student needs to drive a substitute vehicle on a given day, he or she needs to sign in the new car in the front office.
    13. Teachers cannot give you permission to park on campus.  Any special parking arrangements must be approved through the Administration.
    14. Students are expected to comply with all State of Georgia Traffic Rules and Regulations and Road Safety Rules while on school property.

    Parking Violations and Fines

    1. Parking in an Unauthorized area- $10.00
    2. Reckless driving (Speeding, Spinning tires, etc.)- $20.00
    3. Parking Permit not displayed- $10.00
    4. Excessive Parking Violations – Revocation of Parking (No Refund Will Be Issued)
    5. Any Major Discipline Referral – Revocation of Parking for the remainder of the school year
    6. Unauthorized Vehicle Parked on Campus – Towing at owner’s expense
    7. Suspension Pending a County Discipline Panel – Revocation of Parking for one year.

     In case of a student’s parking privileges being revoked, the parking permit fee is Non-refundable.