SAT Information

  • Students wishing to take the SAT must pay attention to some important changes. Students cannot:

    • Take the SAT without registering online by the due dates (i.e., no "standby").
    • Sign up for one testing location (i.e., MVHS), but show up at another location (i.e., North Gwinnett) (i.e., no "test center change").
    • Sign up for one test date, but show up at an earlier or later test date (i.e., no "test date change").
    • Test without a registration ticket (the ticket will now include a photo of the student which the student uploads during online registration).
    • Sign up for the SAT I, but decide to take the SAT II (or vice versa.)
    • Each student will need to upload a photo of him- or herself when he or she registers online.


    For more information, contact Sherri King