• AKS Clubs

     AKS Clubs Logo

    AKS Clubs are offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.  Clubs run for 6 weeks and offerings differ in each session.  Individual clubs are sponsored by Craig Staff.  Look for an information flyer sent home for registration.

  • Beta Club

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    The Junior Beta Club is a community service-driven club made up of 5th grade students.  Students are nominated by their homeroom teachers for having a good scholastic record, as well as showing good citizenship. The Beta Club motto is: "Let us lead by serving others." The advisor for Beta Club is Dorrie Gann.

  • Chorus

    Chorus is open to 5th grade students wanting to participate. Chorus will meet Thursdays from 2:45-3:30 in the afternoon. The academic advisor is Emeline Moore.

  • Craig Colts Running Club

     Run Club Logo

    Running Club is a fun 6-week opportunity for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. We encourage students of all fitness levels to join. The cost is $25 and all participants will receive a shirt for the final run/walk.  The club's final meeting is a 3K run/walk! The Academic Advisor is Dorrie Gann.  

  • Planet Green Team

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    Planet Green Team is open to 5th graders, through an application process due to limited space. Applications are available to rising 5th graders in the spring or to current 5th graders in the fall.  PGT is in charge of all the recycling for Craig Elementary, including paper, cans and bottles. PGT also does activities that are related to the environment and host a fund-raiser in the fall selling smencils to the students.  The money raised helps Craig's recycling programs continue. The Academic Advisor is Karen Greenblat.

  • Robotics Team

     Robotics Club Logo

    The Craig Robotics team challenges children in 4th and 5th grade to think like scientists and engineers to prepare for a competition each December. Students complete the application process in the fall.  TEN students are selected for the team based on their application process and other criteria and meet weekly to prepare for the competition in December.  The Academic Advisors are Nik-Cole Austin and Jenecia Anderson.

  • Safety Patrols

    Safety Patrols help keep students safe and organized during dismissal, handle the raising and lowering of our flags and help keep our playground area clutter-free.  Safety Patrols come from our 5th grade classes and must show excellent school behavior and responsibility to be selected.  Patrols rotate throughout the school year to allow multiple opportunities to participate.  The academic Advisors are Heather Bridges and Betsy Keszler.

  • Student Council

    The purpose of the Student Council is to work together to strengthen our school by presenting school improvement ideas from the students to the teacher representatives, Ms. Andros and Ms. Conley, and the administrators. The Student Council members will serve as their peers' voices, come up with ideas to improve our school, and plan and execute fundraisers to put them into action. 

    The Student Council will consist of one representative from each 4th and 5th grade class voted on by homeroom; Officers (President and Vice President) will be chosen from the 5th grade homeroom representatives and voted on by grades 3-5.

    The Student Council will meet once a month before school with teacher representatives, Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Weed, and once every 9 weeks before school with Mrs. Wright and the Admin team.  The Academic Advisors are Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Weed.

  • Talent Show

     Talent Show Logo

    The Craig Talent Show is also a fundraiser for the Amanda Riley Foundation. Forty to forty-five students show off their talent magical spring night of fun!  The first round of talent show try-outs are Wednesday, September 27th at 3 PM in the Media Center.  The Academic Advisor is Dorrie Gann.

  • Weekly News Show

    The Craig News Show is written, produced and hosted by Craig 5th grade students daily. Students apply to participate on a quarterly rotation and applications can be picked up from Ms. Gann. The academic Advisor is Dorrie Gann.

  • Witzzle Pro

     Witzzle Pro logo

    Witzzle Pro is a thinking game that uses multiple math operations. Players roll the dice to get a target number, then try to make that target number with the Witzzle Pro card. A Player must make the target number by using three numbers in a row, a column, or diagonal. Players get points for correct answers. The players with the most points are the winners!  The Academic Advisors are Alison Atkinson and Jennifer Atkinson.

    Witzzle Pro Directions

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