• Changing Your Chrome Browser User

    Frequently a new user needs to be added to existing Chrome accounts so students can access their GCPS Google Classroom.  Use the directions below to help guide you though this process.

    Directions for Changing the Chrome Browser User

  • Google Classroom for Students

    Use the linked directions for a student view of Google Classroom.

    Student Directions for Google Classroom

  • How to Join Google Classroom

    If the student is new to the GCPS portal, they must first log in to their GCPS Google Drive and accept the terms and agreements.  This will activate their drive and associated tools.  Once the account is set up, students can join Google Classroom.  Click HERE to watch a video on how to join.  You will also need the class codes.  

  • Google Directions in Spanish

    Please use this link to get directions for Google in Spanish.

  • Connecting iPads to GCPS Google Accounts

    In order for iPads to work properly in Google Classroom, various free Google apps should be downloaded. 

    These apps include:

    • Google Drive
    • Google Docs
    • Google Slides
    • Google Classroom
    • Chrome (optional depending on device being used)

    Once you have downloaded these apps, use the directions below to guide you through connecting to your child's GCPS Google account.

    Directions for Connecting iPads

  • Opening a Guest or Incognito Tab

    Chrome offers several modes for browsing outside of simply opening a new tab. These options are Guest mode and Incognito mode.  This is another way to provide students access to their GCPS acconts without adding a new user.  

    Incognito mode lets you browse the web without Chrome saving any of your history information. It essentially opens up a new browsing window that’s never seen the internet before — because there are no cookies, you aren’t logged into any sites. When you close an incognito window, all the information on that session is gone, so you can’t review the browsing history or find cookies.

    This mode has many uses, such as signing into your GCPS account on a friend’s PC without forcing them to sign out, or seeing how a webpage looks to the public. Incognito also disables browser extensions, so you can use it to see if an add-on is messing up a website. However, you are not invisible in Incognito mode!

    Guest mode provides a blank profile for someone who’s temporarily using Chrome. Like Incognito mode, it doesn’t save any record of the browsing history and doesn’t use extensions. However, in Guest mode, the user can’t change any Chrome settings aside from the search engine. A guest user also can’t see any of the browsing history of the main user.

    To sum it up, Incognito mode allows the main Chrome user to browse without recording history, while Guest mode lets someone else use the browser without access to the primary user’s information.  Using Guest Mode effectively keeps your browser secured.

    This video walks you through the Guest mode process.

    This video walks you through the Incognito mode proces.

  • Turning in Work in Google Classroom

    The way you let your teacher know you have completed work in Google Classroom is to turn it in.  This video shows you how to turn in work in your Google Classroom.  If you need more directions, this presentation might help.

  • Using Zoom

    Your teachers will be asking you to join them on a Zoom.  These are times to see your classmates and your teachers and to get instruction.  For directions on using on using Zoom, click HERE.  

    Using appropriate behavior and manners during your Meet or Zoom sessions is important, especially if your teacher is trying to teach.  Just like you have to behave in class, you have to behave in your online meetings as well. 

    Good vodeo meeting practices include:

    • Mute yourself when you aren't talking, even if you are wearing headphones
    • Don't do other things while you are in your meeting, such as playing a video game on a different screen, eating, giving your dog a bath, etc.
    • Use good lighting because everyone wants to see your face, especially now!

    Use the infographic below to help you know what good online behavior looks like.

    Video Conferencing Etiquette