Technology Team

  • Jessica Jang

         Media Specialist

         Phone: 678-245-3407

    Michael Ladd

         Technology Support Technician

         Phone: 678-245-3400

    Lindsay Bates

         Local School Technology Coordinator

         Phone: 678-245-3421


    Tech Team Meeting

Digital Citizenship

  • Monthly digital citizenship contests for students can be found on the Radloff Landing Page in eCLASS. Students can enter their name in a drawing for free technology like wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, drones and more. 


    2019 -2020 Digital Citizenship Monthly Themes

    August: What is Digital Citizenship?Digital Citizenship Icon

    September: Email Safety

    October: Cyberbullying & Digital Drama

    November: Digital Footprint & Reputation

    December: Balancing Media Usage

    January: Online Scams & Phishing

    February: Credibility of Online Sources

    March: Rights of Others when Using Content

    April: Online vs Offline Identity

    May: Reality of Digital Drama

Technology Information

  • BYOD Bring Your Own DeviceBYOD icon

    When bringing a device to school (cell phone, tablet or computer) you should use it for educational purposes. 

    Examples of correct usage: taking pics for a project, playing academic games, using teacher-approved apps in class, reading books online, etc.

    Examples of incorrect usage: taking pics of friends during lunch, playing non-academic games, using apps and websites without teacher permission, texting, etc.

    Types of Devices to Bring          BYOD Information for Students


    My eCLASSMy eClass Icon

    eCLASS is Gwinnett's digital Content, Learning, Assessment and Support System that is providing the students with an integrated learning management system to enhance their engagement and their learning process.

    How to Use eCLASS Pages          eCLASS Resources


    Parent Resources

    Protecting Your Child's Online Privacy