Summer Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays in July by appointment ONLY

    Please fill out all required documents prior to your appointment and bring them with you, in order to make sure the registration process can be completed that same day.

    Please call our front office at (678) 245-3434 to make an appointment or with any questions you may have about the registration process. You can also email: Tania.Lucas@gcpsk12.org

    **If you are registering a student new to Gwinnett County Public Schools, online registration of your student is required. Click here to access GCPS Online Registration



     Ms. Tania Lucas

    Phone: 678-245-3434

    Email: Tania.Lucas@gcpsk12.org




  • Step 1: Online Registration

    Families of students who are new to GCPS should begin by completing the district's online registration process. Access online registration from this link. You must complete and submit your entire online registration at the same time.

    Step 2: In-Person Verification

    Once online registration is complete, please call the school at (678) 245-3401 for a registration appointment. We can't wait to meet you! 

    You'll need to bring several documents with you to ensure your student can be registered in one visit. See the list of required documents here. Please contact us if you have any questions about required documents.


  • Step 1: Obtain a Change of Status Form

    The GCPS school from which the student is withdrawing should provide the Change of Status form (along with a withdrawal form) to the family requesting the change.

    Parents of students transferring from one GCPS school to another should complete the Change of Status Form, submitting it along with proper documentation to the new GCPS school.

    Step 2: Schedule In-Person Verification

    Once you have completed the Change of Status Form, you will need to come to school for in-person verification and submission of documents.


  • We wish your child the best during the transition to a new school. Our school system has an easy-to-use, secure online withdrawal process that will allow you to complete the form required for withdrawing your child.

    Once you complete and submit the online withdrawal form, you will be contacted by a school representative to verify your id and to provide you with any additional information necessary to complete the withdrawal if needed for your child.


    Please complete the form and submit it:


  • When you visit your school to complete registration, please bring:

    • Your child
    • An official document showing proof of birth date
    • Proof that you live in the attendance zone
    • A valid Georgia certificate of immunization (GA Form #3231)
    • Evidence of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition Screening (GA Form #3300-Rev. 2013)
    • A photo ID for the adult registering the child
    • Proof of authorized person to enroll
    • Child’s social security number (Students will be enrolled, even if the number is not provided.)
    • Report cards or official school transcript (current K-12 student)
    • Withdrawal form from previous school (current K-12 student)
    • Discipline records (students enrolling in grades 7-12)