• Gwin Oaks Elementary Transportation

    If your child does not ride the bus, you will need to complete an Alternate Transportation.  Those forms are available on this page in English and Spanish. Although we cannot endorse any individual facility, we have included a list of childcare providers that provide transportation to and from our school. When you click on the names of the providers, you will be able to locate the center on a map.  

    If your child rides the bus to and from school, please take the time to read through the Bus Safety Flyer to ensure he or she is riding the bus safely. 

Important Car Rider Information

  • Dear Parents of Car Riders:

    As you know, we tend to have a large number of cars in our car rider line.  This tends to create back-ups both in the morning and afternoon for our neighborhood residents on Gwin Oaks Drive.  Here are some important guidelines all car rider parents can follow to help with the situation.

    In the morning, do not arrive on Gwin Oaks Drive before 7:30am.  Earlier arrivals cause driveways to be blocked in the Gwin Oaks Drive area.  The doors do not open until 7:30. 

    In the afternoon, do not arrive on Gwin Oaks Drive before 2:40pm.  Earlier arrivals cause driveways to be blocked AND buses to be blocked on the street leading to the school. 

    If at all possible, do not block driveways on Gwin Oaks Drive. Our nice neighbors should be able to access their homes at all times.  If you find that a neighbor needs to enter their drive OR leave their home, please try to adjust your car’s position to help them.

    A few tips:

    • Let’s all be good neighbors as we work together to get all children home safely.
    • Do not attempt to pass the cars in the car rider line.  Passing into the wrong lane is illegal and the Gwinnett County Police Department has promised to ticket drivers. 
    • Have your car rider number hanging on your mirror every day.  If you do not have it, we must ID you and that holds up the line.

    As a community, let’s work together to make this work.  We have a wonderful school and we are located in a wonderful, supportive neighborhood.

    If we all work together, I know that we can take care of any issues to make this a great school year.


    Craig Barlow, Ed.D.