• Clinic

Welcome to the Clinic!

  • Gwin Oaks Clinic will provide first aid if students become ill or injured during the day. The Clinic will contact the parent/guardian if the situation requires your immediate attention or medical emergency. Please make sure that all parent contact information is up-to-date with Gwin Oaks's Front Office. Clinic workers supervise the administration of medications, take temperatures, and administer emergency first aid when appropriate.

  • Guidelines for Medication Administration

    For the safety of all students at our school, the following guidelines should be followed when requesting the administration of medication at school:

    • Only those medications required during school hours should be administered at school. Please check with your physician regarding the need for medication to be administered during school hours. 
    • All medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be accompanied by a completed Administration of Medication Request form, request from the clinic, and brought to school by an adult. Students may not transport medication to school. 
    • All medications must be in an original child-proof container. Prescription medications must be in their labeled prescription bottle. School staff will administer medication according to the directions on the label. 
    • Any medications remaining at the end of the school year must be picked up or school staff will dispose of them.
    • Students may only carry medication as prescribed by law with the required documentation. Please check with our school clinic worker if your child needs to carry emergency medication with them. 

  • Clinic Hours

    Students may visit the clinic from 7:45 AM until 2:45 PM.

  • Clinic Needs

    Always in need of:

    • Sandwich size Ziploc bags (not slider) - To make ice packs

Clinic Workers

  •        Donarski
    Kayla Donarski

    Mr. Patterson 
    Theroun Patterson
    Phone: 770-736-3279
    Fax: 770-982-6901