• Our Vision, Mission, and Beliefs
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  • Our Vision

    Highest level of learning for ALL STUDENTS in ALL classes to create rich, limitless opportunities for the future.

  • Our Mission

    WE BELIEVE all kids can learn and WE will establish high standards of learning that WE expect all students to achieve.  It is our job to create an environment in our classrooms that engages students in academic work that results in a high level of achievement.  WE are confident that with our support and help, students can master challenging curricula, and WE expect them to do so.  WE are prepared to work collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to achieve this shared educational purpose. 

  • Our Beliefs

    WE believe ALL students can learn at their highest level and WE WILL: 

    • Make positive connections with the parents and students, on the first day and every day.
    • Have high expectations.
    • We will never give up.
    • Have no failures across the board.
    • Have a consistent and conducive discipline /management plan.