• Student Circulation

    Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book at a time.  Second grade students can check out two books at a time. Third through fifth grade students may check out 3 books at one time. Students in second through fifth grades may check out one graphic novel and/or one magazine at a time.  The checkout period is ten school days or two weeks.

  • Renewing an Item

    Books may be renewed if there is not a hold placed on the book. To renew a book, the book must be brought to the media center at the time of renewal.

  • Placing Holds

    If a student wants a book that is currently checked out, he or she may put a hold on it. This means that a hold will be placed in the computer for the student. When the book is returned, a notice will be sent to the student's teacher so that the student knows that the book is available to be picked up. The book will be kept behind the desk for two weeks. If it is not picked up at the end of that time, it will go to the next person on the hold list or back on the shelf.

  • Overdue Items

    Items not returned by their due date are considered overdue.
    No other materials may be checked out until overdue materials are:
    1. Returned to the library
    2. Renewed according to the renewal procedures
    3. Paid for 

    Confidential notices are sent once a month to all students with overdue books. These notices are given to students to take home. If the book is overdue, the total price of the book appears on the notice.

  • Lost or Damaged Books

    Damage to a book that prevents its future use calls for replacement of the book. Students will be charged a replacement fee if the book is damaged beyond use. A student should also pay for a book that has been lost. Books must be replaced by the media specialist to ensure that the replacement book is library bound so it will hold up for circulation to many students. Our preferred method of payment is through MyPaymentsPlus. You may also send a check made payable to Duncan Creek or cash if necessary.

    Replacement Cost:
    Hardback Library Book: $15.00
    Paperback Library: $5.00
    Magazine: $2.00

  • Calendar and Hours

    The media center is an important place for student learning. It is open during school hours to students and parents and is available to teachers and staff at any time the school building is open.  We begin student book check out directly following the Morning News show each day. We follow the RRT Specials schedule and can accommodate small groups of up to 5 students on a flexible basis. Please see Ms. O’Campo or Ms. Clune if you would like to schedule a class visit or reserve space in the media center.

  • Media Committee

    The Puckett's Mill Media Committee meets monthly in the media center.  Gwinnett County School Board Policy IFAA states that the school media committee shall include the following members: principal, assistant principal, media specialist, students, teacher representative from each grade level, and community representatives. The committee shall be responsible for:

    • Material selection policies covering all instructional materials
    • Selection of materials
    • Challenges to instructional materials
    • Promotion of library services 

  • Copyright

    Every educator is responsible for following the copyright laws and guidelines. The media specialist serves as the copyright contact liaison. If you have questions about copyright, feel free to ask the media staff. Need more information? Visit https://www.copyright.gov/