Where Excellence Soars

PMES architectural drawing

Our Story

  • Puckett’s Mill Elementary School opened its doors August 2008, in the Dacula, GA community.  The school is located in Northern Gwinnett County, a suburb of Atlanta. The school was built on land owned by Peter A. Puckett who operated a water mill used by residents of the Hog Mountain community for grinding corn and wheat.  Mr. Puckett was also a furniture maker and avid inventor.

    The staff at Puckett’s Mill represents the quality of professional educators across the district, exemplifying the mission to pursue excellence in academic knowledge, skills, and behavior for every student. PMES provides a high-quality public educational experience for the children in the Mill Creek Cluster area.   The expectation of excellence was established the day the doors of the school opened and continues to permeate throughout the building.  Puckett’s Mill has become an influential leader in the community for which it serves.