• Brookwood Elementary Transportation

Transportation Procedures

    • If your student changes his/her book bag, he/she must come to the office upon arrival and get a new transportation tag for his/her book bag. 

    • Cars are not allowed in the front drive when a school bus is already parked in the drive.  

    • The last check out is 2:45 pm.  This is for the safety of everyone since buses are beginning to arrive.

    • The building is locked at 4:00 p.m. each day.  Students should gather all needed materials and books before leaving at dismissal time. Parents, do not bring your student back to the school to retrieve items. 

Transportation Changes

  • Anytime there is a change from your normal plans to go home in the afternoon, send a note to your student’s teacher to make sure the student and teacher know what to do.  If a change must be made for a student to begin riding an alternate bus, you must come to the front office to implement that change. You must call the school office with an emergency change before 2:45 p.m. Please do not only email transportation changes.  Teachers and office staff might not see the email in time or may be absent on the day you email. Many changes cannot be made at the last minute, but we are able to hold your child in the front office for pickup.

  • Bus Riders

    We encourage students to ride the bus as often as possible. 

    • Riding the bus means your student will always be on time for school. 

    • Students must follow the directions of the driver.

    • Students should be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus arrives, waiting in a safe place, clear of traffic, and 10 feet from where the bus stops. 

    • Students will wait in an orderly line and avoid playing at bus stops. 

    • Students will cross the roadway in front of the bus after the bus has stopped, they have looked at the driver for a hand signal, and they have looked in both directions for traffic; left, right, left.

    • Students will signal the driver with a waving motion if something is dropped and wait for the driver to give a signal before picking up an object. 

    • Students will go directly to the assigned seat when entering the bus.  Keep the aisles and exits clear.

    • Students will remain properly seated, back against the back of the seat, bottom against the bottom of the seat, and keep hands to themselves.

    • Students will not eat, drink, chew gum, or bring tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any controlled substances on the bus. 

    • Students will not carry animals, glass objects, nuisance items, hazardous materials, or weapons onto the bus.  Students may carry only objects that can be held in their laps. 

    • Students will refrain from using loud voices, profanity, and /or obscene gestures, and respect the rights and safety of others.

    • Students will not extend their heads, arms, or objects out of the bus windows.

    • Students will be totally silent at railroad crossings.

    • Students will stay seated until time to get off the bus.  The open door is the signal to get up from the bus seat.

    • Students will keep their bus clean and in good, safe condition.

    • Students shall be prohibited from using any electronic devices during the operation of a school bus that might interfere with the school bus communication equipment or school bus driver’s operation of the school bus.   

    • Students shall be prohibited from using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or reflective devices in a manner that might interfere with the school bus driver’s operation of the school bus.

  • Car Riders

    We encourage you to let your student ride the bus to and from school. Please review the Car Rider Procedures and Map of Car Rider Line. If you choose to bring or pick up your student, you must get in the carpool line and follow these procedures. 

    1. We encourage you to let your student ride the bus to and from school.  If you choose to bring or pick up your student, you must get in the carpool line and follow these procedures.  Never park in an adjoining neighborhood, on the street, or in our parking lot to pick up or drop off your student. 
    2. The carpool line begins in the lower bus parking lot off of Holly Brook Road. 
    3. Please do not make a U-turn in the middle of Hollybrook Road to enter the carpool line.  Making a U-turn is unsafe and a traffic violation. Also, you are not allowed to use the Brookwood Manor entrance or the neighborhoods across the street to make a U-turn.
    4. In order to arrive on Holly Brook Road in the correct direction to get in the carpool line, there are a couple of routes that can be taken.  One option is to take Five Forks Trickum Road to Oak Road. Turn left onto Oak Road, then turn left onto Highpoint Road, which turns into Holly Brook Road.  Another option is to take Dogwood Road to Mountain View Road.  Turn right onto Mountain View Road.  Then take a right onto Oak Road.  Next, take a right onto Holly Brook Road.
    5. Cars are not allowed to use the front drive during arrival and dismissal times. (8:20 am – 8:45 am and 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm)
    6. FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL STUDENTS DO NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS BEFORE 8:20 AM.  You will know it is time to let them out when you see the staff members come outside. 
    7. Students must be in their classroom by 8:50 am to avoid being tardy.  BES staff members on duty will close the side doors at 8:50 am.
    8. If for any reason your student arrives after 8:50 am, you must escort your student into the building to check in and provide information regarding the reason for your student’s tardiness.  The front drive may be used after all buses have left.
    9. Please also help us be safe in the car rider lines by not talking on your cell phone when you are dropping off or picking up students. We really need your attention on the students as they arrive and leave each day and on helping us keep them all safe. 
    10. Please pull down as far as you can so that we can unload and load several cars at once. Please be patient and do not pass other cars while we are unloading & loading students. Please follow the directions of all BES staff. 
    11. Students should open and close their car doors independently.  We are trying to allow several cars to drop off and pick up their students at once and our attention needs to be focused on the safety of students. Do not get out of your car to open your child’s door. Students must exit the car on the sidewalk side. (Passenger side)
    12. Staff members on duty will look for the student’s number on the car rider tag provided to you. Your car rider tag needs to be hung on your mirror each day and remain there until your student is safely in the vehicle.  If you do not have your tag, you will be asked to provide photo identification and the pick up process will take longer. You are welcome to request additional tags as needed through our front office. 
    13. If someone different is picking up your student you will need to send a signed note to the office in the morning. We will then give your student a pass to take to the staff that are on duty. The person picking up will be required to present photo ID that matches the name on your signed note. 
    14. When exiting please follow the directions of staff members.  Please note you cannot make a left turn out of the bottom parking lot during arrival and dismissal.
    15. Please know that safety is our priority and we appreciate your help by following all procedures.

    If your child does not ride the bus, you will need to complete an Alternate Transportation.  Those forms are available on this page in English and Spanish.

  • Walkers

    1. If your child has permission to walk or ride a bike to or from Brookwood Elementary, you must complete a walker form with the school to give permission for your child to walk/ride home alone or with a group from your neighborhood. 
    2. If you choose to meet your child at the walker door or somewhere in your neighborhood to walk them home, that is certainly your decision. Staff members do not confirm students have a buddy or parent to meet or walk home with them. Students are released at the door to walk/ride home.
    3. Students should only be walkers if they can walk all the way home. Students should never walk to a car. If students do not live close enough to walk home, they should be a car rider or a bus rider. Extra cars moving in the neighborhood decreases the safety of our walking students. 
    4. Staff members check off students as they exit the walker door to make sure they are on the list of students who have been given parental permission to walk or ride a bike home. We are not making sure students are with an adult or friend. 
    5. The students that walk to Brookwood Manor may no longer cut through yards due to fencing. Brookwood Manor walkers go up the hill and around on the sidewalk. The students that need to cross the street go up the hill from the side door to the crossing guard for assistance in crossing the street. 
    6. Only students who live in the following subdivisions should be considered for walking or riding a bike to and from school: Brookwood Manor, Nash Farms, Hollybrook Farms, or Brookwood Estates.

students arriving off the bus