• Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are any of the textbooks available online?

    Yes, students have access to many digital textbooks along with other learning resources in their My eCLASS Portal

    digital textbooks on My eCLASS


  • How will I know if the school closes due to bad weather or other emergencies?

    Public announcements will be made on GCPS Television, on the school system's web sitevia metro Atlanta radio and television stations, and school system and school social media. Cancellations usually are announced shortly after 6 a.m. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL.

  • What are the guidelines for birthday celebrations?

    Individual student birthday parties are prohibited. Please do not send goodie bags, balloons, flowers, or party invitations to school. A birthday class snack/treat* may be arranged with the classroom teacher. Teachers will decide when the snack will be served. These snacks/treats must be delivered to the front office. Snacks should be limited to one item like cupcakes or cookies. Boxed drinks may also be sent. No sodas are allowed. Large sheet cookies and cakes should be pre-sliced. Some parents may choose to send in a check to buy ice cream for the class for their child's birthday.

  • What is Brookwood Elementary's fax number?

    The Brookwood Elementary School Fax number is 770-736-4410.

  • What should I do if my child forgets to bring home his/her books or assignments for homework?

    To encourage responsibility and problem solving, students are NOT allowed to return to school for forgotten books or assignments.

  • What should I do if my child needs to take medication at school?

    Parents need to bring any medication to and from the clinic. Parents must complete a required form concerning medication before medicine can be dispensed at school.  Please visit our clinic page for further information.

  • What should I do if we change our address or phone number?

    For emergency purposes we must have updated information for each student. Please notify the school if there is any change of address or phone numbers.

  • For any additional questions, please call the school at