• Clinic Attendant

    Our clinic attendant is here to care for your student in minor incidents. Parents are encouraged to seek the advice of their child’s nurse or doctor with any illness or accident involving their student. 

  • Student Illness or Injury

    When a student becomes ill at school, the school clinic attendant determines if the parent should be contacted.  Please provide the name and phone number of a friend or relative who can be reached if you are not available.  Please ensure the school has current home, cell, or work numbers in case of an emergency. 

    Please do not send your student to school sick with a note requesting that the teacher send your student to the clinic.  Be considerate of other students by caring for your student at home.  It is the responsibility of the parents to see that medical treatment is given to their student.  Our clinic is not designed for lengthy sick care.  It is only appropriate as a holding area until a parent arrives.

    Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Professionals recommend that students:

    • Who have had a fever remain at home until the child has been “fever free” for 24 hours without the aid of medication. 

    • Who need an antibiotic, take the antibiotic 24 hours before returning to school.  

     All parents should adhere to these guidelines to help us maintain a healthy environment.

    Physical Education or Recess Restrictions:

    Students with casts, crutches, wheelchair, etc. should contact our school clinic worker so that Physical Education class or recess restrictions and/or accomodations can be determined.

  • Medication Policies

    No child is to carry medications on his or her person or transport them on the bus. Concerns regarding epi-pens or inhalers should be communicated to the school clinic worker.

    Whenever it is absolutely necessary that medication be given to a student during the school day, the following guidelines apply:

    • Parents must bring medication to the clinic and complete forms for medicine to be dispensed. Students may not bring the medicine with them to/from school.
    • If prescription medication is necessary during school hours, the parents must complete the permission form provided by the school system which must contain the same information as that on the prescription bottle.  These forms are available in the clinic.
    • Prescription medications must be maintained in the original prescription container. Medications received in anything other than the original, appropriate container cannot be administered at school.
    • Each time the medication dosage changes, the prescription bottle label must be changed to reflect the dose ordered by the physician.
    • Medication needed for long periods of time should have an updated request from the parent/physician yearly.
    • If any additional medication is required, please reach out to the clinic for guidance on processes. 

    When medication is discontinued, any medication remaining must be picked up from the clinic by the parent.  If the medication is not picked up within two weeks of discontinuation it will be destroyed by the clinic attendant.

    Medication should be administered between classes, during lunch, or recess when possible.  Sending individual medications to school with the student is hazardous and not allowed.  Reactions to the drug taken might not be recognized by school personnel and appropriate treatment might not be rendered.

    If you have any questions about these procedures, please call the Brookwood Elementary clinic at 770-736-4364

  • GCPS Medical Forms

    Some health conditions may require that additional documentation be kept on file at your local school. These forms are available by request from the school clinic worker.

  • Clinic Donations

    Your donation of clinic supplies is very important!! The clinic accepts the following donations:

    • Regular band aids
    • 3 ounce paper cups
    • Wipes
    • Tissues
    • Girls & boys underwear sizes 4-14

Flu Information and Preparedness Guide

  • Be informed, prepared, healthy

    Gwinnett County Public Schools is working with the local Health Department to ensure that the school system is prepared to respond, if needed, to any public health crisis. However, officials say that it’s important for individuals to be informed and prepared as well. Gwinnett County Public School has provided additional resources recommended by the Health Department: