• Awards Criteria

    Student Award Criteria

    During the school year, we recognize select students who have shown excellent academic achievement and outstanding attendance. Awards criteria is listed below and is based on student performance, attendance and behavior during each semester period.  Student Recognition assemblies to recognize students who earn the following awards will be scheduled at the end of each semester.


    Principal’s Honor Roll (Grades K-5)

    All E’s (K/1) or  All A’s (Grades 2-5)

    E/S in Special Area Classes

    AWARDS:  Ribbon (first time), medal, and Principal’s Honor Roll pin


    A/B Honor Roll (Grades K-5)

    All E’s and S (K/1) or A’s and B’s (Grades 2-5)

     E/S in Special Area Classes

    AWARDS:  A/B Honor Roll Ribbon and A/B Honor Roll pin


    Generals PRIDE Award (Citizenship Award)

    Awarded to students (teacher recommendation) without an ODR or MDR for the entire semester and for working hard all year long, demonstrating PRIDE and respect, and overall helpfulness and positivity.