Overview of Library Policies and Procedures

    • The Rockbridge Media Center staff believes students who self-select books are more likely to love reading and become better readers.
    • In addition to selecting books for academic knowledge, the media staff encourages students to select books for reading enjoyment.
    • Students are responsible for the books they check out from the media center and must follow library policies and procedures.


  • All students are responsible for the care and safe return of the library books that they borrow from the library. Students with lost or damaged items may be fined to help cover the cost of replacing the item. Pets, younger siblings, rain, spilled food or drink often cause book damage, so the media center staff recommends that students keep their books in a safe and secure place like a book bag when the books are not being read.  

    Lost Book Fines:

    • $15.00 for hardback books
    • $5.00 for paperback books
    • $3.00 for magazines

    Damaged books:

    • Damaged book fines are up to the discretion of the media staff depending on the severity of the damage. No fine will exceed $15.00 per item.

    Library Privileges:

    • Full student library privileges are suspended if a student has an overdue book or fine.
    • Reading is important, so no student should go all year with a library book.
    • Students who have an unpaid fine may still check out one paperback book until the fine is satisfied. 
    • Students get full checkout privileges back when missing books are returned or fines are paid.