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Degrees and Certifications:

Sandra Williams

Media Specialist: Sandy Williams

Ms. Williams started at 2008. She is a former 3rd grade teacher. She became the school's media specialist in 2018.

Policy and Procedures

  • Here at Bethesda Elementary, we are a student selected reading library. This means, students are able to pick out books on topics that interest them, and checkout is a time for students to explore and read books independently at their own level. The goal of self-selected reading is to create an authentic opportunity for students to see themselves as competent and engaged readers. 

    To help build students' reading engagement, our teachers bring their students to the media center on a weekly basis to check out books. Students are able to borrow selected books for up to two weeks. The number of books allowed for check out at one time depends on the grade level. See below:

    • Kindergarten and First grade: 1 book at a time
    • Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth grades: 2 books at a time

    If a book happens to go missing or gets damaged while loaned out, the book will need to be paid for. Replacing a book costs $15.00 for a hardback book and $5.00 for a paperback book.