Student Academic Support

  • Academic Tutoring

    Content area teachers assist students in their classrooms.

    Tutoring is from 8:15-8:50 for all students.  The format included small group and individual tutoring.  In-Person students should arrive at school at 8:15. The schedule for classes is below.

    Monday - Language Arts

    Tuesdays - Math

    Wednesdays - Science

    Thursday - Social Studies

    Friday - Connections

    How does my student participate?

    Students should arrive at school by 8:15.  Students do not need a pass on the designated day. 

  • STAR Time

    STAR Time is Students Taking Academic Responsibility

    STAR Time is only on specific Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm in the Media Center.

    This is an after-school opportunity to complete homework, make up assignments or make up tests. A teacher is on call to assist, but no tutoring is not provided.

    Additional STAR Time Support: Starting Friday, 10/1/2021 our Connections teachers will be facilitating make up assessments in the Media Center Lab starting at 8:15am. This is only for students to retest or make up assessments, no tutoring is available during this additional STAR Time on Friday mornings. Friday morning STAR Time will not be available on Fridays that have scheduled Faculty Meetings.

    How does a student participate?

    Parents or teachers can sign up students for STAR time.   To sign up for STAR time you will need to complete this form by 5:00 PM on Wednesday prior to Thursday’s STAR time.   We will not be able to accept forms after 5PM on Wednesday.  

    Sign up for STAR Time:

  • Extended Learning Time

    Extending Learning Time (ELT) is an opportunity for teachers to work with a small group of students in order to provide remediation, re-teaching opportunities and/or enrichment. 

    ELT takes place on Friday's during connections. Students attend at the request of the academic teacher, but if morning tutoring isn't possible, please contact your child's teacher if you would like your student to attend ELT. The format includes small group and individual tutoring. In-Person students receive a pass. Please contact your child's academic teacher for more information. 

    How does a student participate?

    Academic teachers usually request ELT for students to attend on Fridays.   However, if students can't make morning tutoring, parents can contact the child's teacher and discuss the option of ELT for thier child. Click here for a Staff Directory to email your child's teacher if necessary. 

  • Go2Gwinnett Parent Portal

    This is a tool designed to enhance the communication and involvement of parents in their child's education. The Parent Portal will allow online, timely, and secure access to monitor your child's academic progress and current attendance. For Parent Portal Assisstance contact, or   

    To sign up for Parent Portal click on the link: Parent Portal Signup and Assistance

  • Student Support Team

    The Student Support Team (SST) exists to help classroom teachers identify students that are having difficulty either academically or behaviorally and to recommend alternative instructional strategies for that student. The team reviews and considers all available information about an individual student. Parents and/or teachers can refer a student to the SST committee. If a parent has any questions concerning the referral process, he or she should contact either the student's teacher or assistant principal. 

  • Academic Assistance Program

    These programs provide an intervention for students who do not achieve a passing grade after 1st semester. AAP information sheets and schedules are sent home with students in report card envelopes in January.

  • Counseling Department

    School counseling services are available to all students. A counselor is assigned to homeroom teachers within grade levels. The goal for the guidance and counseling program is to help students be academically and personally successful. The Jones Middle School Counselors will work closely with “at-risk” students in order to help these students be more successful.