Inclement Weather

  • Following are GCPS procedures for inclement weather and how the school system handles school cancellations.

    GCPS schools and facilities may close in the event of hazardous weather or other emergencies which present threats to the safety of students, staff, or school property.

    The superintendent makes the decision about school closing based on a cross-divisional and cross-agency effort, with information from public safety officials, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Gwinnett County officials, and the state Department of Transportation. In addition, when inclement weather is an issue, members of the GCPS Facilities and Operations team head out as early as 3:30 or 4 a.m. to drive roads around the county and assess road conditions. The school system’s Transportation staff ensures that buses are operable. (Extreme cold can cause operational problems for diesel buses.) Facilities are checked in the early hours, and GCPS works with power providers, as needed. Local school principals gather information for the leadership team about specific school conditions.

    It is more likely for school to be cancelled in the early morning — due to dangerous road conditions that formed overnight — than for school to let out early because bad weather is moving in.

    As a rule, the decision to cancel school is made before 6 a.m. The school system immediately notifies all major radio and television stations in metro Atlanta. In addition, the information is announced on GCPS TV and posted on the school system’s web site.

    GCPS TV can be found on the following Gwinnett County cable channels:
    •AT&T - Listed under Local Government
    •Charter - Channel 22
    •Comcast - Channel 24 or 26

    Should severe weather move into the area during the day, plans to cancel classes will be announced on metro-Atlanta radio and TV stations and on the school system's web site before school is dismissed.

    The key factor in all decisions about whether or not to hold school is the safety of students and staff.