RES Cafeteria

  • Cafeteria Manager:

    Mary Ann Collepardi

    Price of Meals:

    Student Breakfast: $1.50

    Adult Breakfast: $1.75

    Student Lunch: $2.25

    Adult Lunch: $3.00

    Meal Charge Information:

    Students may not exceed $11.25 in meal charges. Please read the Meal Charge Procedures for more information.

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General Information

Lunch Visitation Schedule

  • Due to our large enrollment of students, we must limit Parent Lunch visits to one day a week per grade level. We encourage you to come on your day, but you will not be allowed to eat lunch with your child if it is not their designated grade level day. We appreciate your understanding and support as our ultimate goal is for every child and visitor to have a pleasant experience in the cafeteria. Please see the schedule below for the days that parents are allowed to come to eat lunch.  Thank you!

    Monday - Kindergarten
    Tuesday - 1st Grade
    Wednesday - 2nd Grade
    Thursday - 3rd Grade
    Friday - 4th and 5th Grades

    Birthdays Celebrations

    Birthday celebrations should be held during your child's lunch time. We ask that you only bring in store bought items to share.