• Students having fun at summer adventures!
  • Calling all middle school minds! 

     This summer, ignite your STEM spark at Maxwell High School of Technology!

    Design fiery logos like a pro.

    Take apart the engine of a car! ️

    Learn lifesaving skills from real firefighters. ‍

    Middle School Summer Adventures at Maxwell is where hands-on meets epic fun!

    Limited spots!

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  • 2024 Middle School Summer Adventures


    Tuesday May 28- Friday May 31

    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Fee: $100 Non-refundable paid through MyPaymentsPlus

    Current 5th-8th grades are eligible to participate in Summer Adventures.

    Registration opens March 1 @ 12:00 AM through www.mypaymentsplus.com 

    3/18/2024 Update: Summer Adventures Forms will be emailed after spring break. 

    4/11/2024 Update: Check MyPaymentsPlus for available programs. Please do not sign up for a program and ask to move into one that has closed. Thank you.

    5/15/2024 UpdateGeneral Information, Health & Safety Guidelines, & Procedures for Student Drop-off & Pick-up

  • Details:

    Transportation and food services are NOT provided.  Students will need to be dropped off and picked up at Maxwell High School at the appropriate times.  There are vending machines however we suggest packing a snack/meal.  Students will have a break during class.

    Special education and ESOL services are NOT provided.

    Each program must have a minimum of 10 students to be offered. Maximum class size: 20 students.

    Please report ALL ABSENCES to Jennifer.Serrano@gcpsk12.org or 678-518-6630


    To Register:

    Go to www.mypaymentsplus.com, create log-in and password, search for Maxwell Middle School Summer Adventures, and pay. If you do not see the program you want, this means the program has closed and there are no spots available. Please do not sign up for another program and ask to be transferred to another program. All fees are non-refundable.  This is a fundraiser for Maxwell. We cannot provide families with multiple children with a discount.



    The forms listed below will be emailed to the parent/guardian for the email we have on file through MyPaymentsPlus.  These will be sent the week after spring break.  We ask that you send the forms as soon as possible.  If the forms are not turned in, the student will not be able to attend Summer Adventures.

Available Programs

  • Animation


    Students will learn about 2D and 3D animation. They will work on developing characters, a timeline, motion tweening, backgrounds, and movement. Also, have fun learning about creating depth, applying color, reusable sequences, and working with different textures. Click the heading to see what we will be doing!
    *Students must have a GCPS login to sign up for this class.

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  • Babysitting: Early Childhood Education

    Babysitting: Early Childhood Education

    *This class is recommended for current 6th graders and above.
    Become your neighborhood’s most sought-after babysitter! In Early Childhood Education, students will learn skills needed to obtain babysitting jobs. These skills include how to get and keep clients, how to know what to charge, and fun activities to do with children of all ages. The Gwinnett County Fire Department will be leading a SafeSitter Course on Wednesday and Thursday of the week. Students must be present both days to receive this certification. Infant simulators will help students learn basic skills: feeding, burping, rocking, diapering, and basic training in pediatric first aid. These activities will be included in the babysitting handbook received at the end of the week. Students will become the busiest babysitter on the block by taking this class. Click the heading to see what we will be doing!

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  • Collision Repair

    Collision Repair

    Come learn from our team of experienced technicians! Students use industry standard equipment in our state-of-the-art laboratory. They will learn airbrushing, custom glamor painting, and the proper way to wash and detail a car. Did you know that high school students who enroll in Maxwell High School’s Collision Repair program have an opportunity to receive a $9,000 scholarship to attend college? This industry has great job security in the Atlanta area. Nationwide, there is a high demand for collision repair technicians. High School students have the opportunity to earn industry certifications throughout the school year and job placement opportunities upon graduation.

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  • Cosmetology


    In a true to life salon environment, students will learn how to use the proper tools to prepare a client for the services he/she will be receiving and learn techniques for styling hair. Opportunities abound in this $50 billion a year world of cosmetology! Click the heading to see what we will be doing!

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  • General Automotive Services

    General Automotive Services

    Cars, cars, and more cars! Students will learn how to safely lift vehicles, mount and dismount tires, and balance tires. Also, they will learn how to perform a complete oil change and a 21-point inspection. Students will disassemble an engine and learn all the names of the components inside. Click the heading to see what we will be doing!

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  • Jr. Graphic Designers

    Jr. Graphic Designers

    The junior designers will learn the fundamentals of graphic design through an immersive experience. Throughout a series of projects including sketching, ideation, and production, the designers will learn essential graphic design processes. Real world design and problem solving will be used in conjunction with the Adobe Creative Suite — InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create posters, t-shirts and more. Click the heading to see what we will be doing!
    *Students must have a GCPS login to sign up for this class.

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  • Healthcare


    Come explore the wonderfully exciting world of healthcare! Students will take an adventurous journey through the circulatory system, learn skills associated with CPR and First Aid, infection control procedures, and more! This adventure will touch on some knowledge and skills you will need to become a nurse, EMT, physical therapist, or doctor! Click the heading to see what we will be doing!

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  • Junior Chefs

    Junior Chefs

    Culinary Arts
    Do you watch the Food Network? Have you ever considered what it might be like to be a chef? Students will work in a commercial kitchen. They will learn basic sanitation and safety, measuring, nutrition and food science concepts. Click the heading to see what we will be doing!

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  • Junior Firefighters

    Junior Firefighters

    Want to know what it would be like to be a firefighter? Come be a part of this exciting new adventure! Take a thrilling look into the world of professional firefighting! Learn all aspects of a fire service career, see where firefighters work, and experience what it would be like to be a real firefighter! Click the heading to see what we will be doing!

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  • Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement

    Learn how police investigate a crime scene! What are the roles and responsibilities of police officers in our society? Come explore the world of crime scene investigation (the real CSI), accident investigation, arrest procedures, and other functions of the law and justice profession. Click the heading to see what we will be doing!

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Phone: 678.376.8644


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Cortney Compton

Summer Adventures Director

Phone: 678.518.6630


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Serrano

Summer Adventures Coordinator