2024 Healthcare Agenda

The schedule is subject to change.

May 28: Skeletal System

  • Introductions
  • Introduce Anatomy of Skeletal system 
  • Drawing and labeling a Skeleton
  • Introduce Physiology of the Skeletal system
  • Practice building a Skeleton

May 29: Infection Control and PPE

  • Introduce different diseases 
  • Introduce transmission of diseases
  • Policies and procedures for PPE
  • Practice Donning and Doffing PPE

May 30: Cardiovascular/Circulatory System & CPR 

  • Introduce Anatomy of Cardiovascular/Circulatory System 
  • Introduce Physiology of Cardiovascular/Circulatory System
  • Drawing the Heart with chalk 
  • Introduce CPR
  • Learn the policies and procedures of CPR
  • Practice Skills for CPR

May 31: Integumentary System & First Aid  

  • Introduce Integumentary System Anatomy
  • Introduce Integumentary System Physiology
  • Create Skin Models in groups
  • Introduce First Aid 
  • Practice First Aid Skills