• Parents,

    To help improve your child's school, Gwinnett County Public Schools’ students in grades 3-12 will participate in the EES Student Screener and Survey, which is confidential and measures what students think about their school experience, practices that affect their learning, and how well their school is performing.

    The EES Student Screener and Survey will be open for students in grades 4-12 via the GCPS Student Portal from February 1   February 29, 2024. During the same time, only the EES Student Wellness Screener will be administered to all 3rd-grade students.

    EES Family Survey Window Extended

    The EES Family Survey will be extended to close on Friday, March 8, 2024

    Please use this link to preview the wellness questions that your 3rd-12th grade child will be asked. 

    Please use this link to preview the questions that your 4th – 12th-grade child will be asked.

    Parents may complete the Opt-Out process if they do not wish their student(s) to participate in the survey. Parents may use the Parent Portal (hyperlink to parent portal) to complete this process or send a written request to the schools to opt their student(s) out of this survey. Please note that any parent or guardian wishing to opt their student out of the survey should complete the online form or inform the school in writing immediately to ensure that the student does not participate. Please use this link to access more information about the EES Student Survey.

       Grace Snell Middle School will administer the EES Survey on Monday February 5, 2024. Please click the link below for directions on opting your student out.
       Opt Out instructions for Parents - 

    Thank you,
    Grace Snell Middle School Administration