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Course Registration 2024-2025

  • It's a Great Day to Be a Tiger!!

    This website will provide you with all of the information that you will need to successfully register for the 2024-2025 school year.

    Important Information

    • Review all areas of this website. READ carefully!
    • Choose your courses wisely!!
    • In order to fill out any forms on this site, you must be logged into your GCPS G-Suite account.
    • Consider your overall course load, class requirements, extra-curricular commitments, college/career readiness, and potential college entrance requirements.
    • Review your course history prior to signing up for new classes
    • YOU are responsible for making sure that you select the correct courses
    • Check your GCPS Google email on a daily basis. This is the primary method that the counselors and the curriculum office will use to communicate with you about registration.
    • ***Remember that these are course REQUESTS. Classes may not be available due to lack of enrollment, teacher availability, the class is full, or schedule conflict.***

    College Entry Considerations:

    • Think about the rigor of your classes. Colleges like to see that you are challenging yourself.
    • Don't slack off during your senior year. Colleges do look at your senior schedule and can tell when you choose to take the "easy" classes.
    • It is highly recommended to take senior year Math, even if you already have 4 Math credits.
    • Physical Science in 8th grade is designed to prepare students for Chemistry and Physics, with the expectation that students complete a 5th science course in their senior year.
    • Rising juniors - foreign language. Two years of the same foreign language is required for admission to every university in the State of Georgia as well as most universities throughout the country.
    • It is YOUR responsibility to know what the foreign language requirements are for any post-secondary schools you are considering!
    • Honors & AP - Don't overdo it. Make sure you can handle your course load. Colleges want to see you be successful in your classes.