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  • Attendance Procedures

    Archer Attendance Procedures

    Student check-out is through the Main Office and parents must show ID. Students will not be allowed to check-out after 1:30pm


    A parent or guardian of a student driver must fax or email the school a photo I.D. in order to check out a student driver during the school day.  

    Email: 511.Archerattendance@gcpsk12.org


  • Counseling

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  • Parking Regulations

    Please Read Each Item Carefully

    You Don't Want to Miss Out on a Parking Spot

    Are you interested in student parking?  If you are a student interested in parking on campus  you must meet the following criteria and follow the directions below: 

    • Be at least 16 years old with a valid driver's license.
    • Have valid and current insurance.
    • Log onto MyPaymentsPlus to sign up and make your payment.
    • You may only pay by MyPaymentsPlus  
      • No other forms of payment will be accepted.  
      • The cost is $75.00.

    Reasons that you could be denied a permit are:

    • Lack of insurance
    • Incorrect age of driver, and/or
    • Missing documentation.  

    In order to receive a parking permit, you must show Drivers License AND proof of insurance.

    Payments can be made online via MyPaymentsPlus   Once you have received a parking decal, you will be assigned to a specific parking lot.  Students are not allowed to swap, sell or trade spots.  Doing so can result in losing your parking permit for the year. Parking spots in each lot are assigned. Visit the Parking section of the Archer Agenda Book for additional details. 


    If you are parked illegally, your vehicle can be towed.

    If you have been tardy to 1st period 5 times in a semester, your parking permit can be revoked for a period of one week.  

    Additional tardies to 1st period will result in additional time that a student will lose their parking privileges.

  • PBIS


    Archer High School is a PBIS school. PBIS is a program that helps students develop the practice of positive behaviors. 

    The Basic Philosophy of PBIS is to:

    • TEACH students how they are expected to behave
    • REINFORCE their good behavior
    • PROVIDE SUPPORT to students as they learn to correct misdirected behaviors

    PBIS is a framework  for creating and sustaining an effective school-wide behavior system with an emphasis on preventing problems. Shifting the focus to prevention minimizes behavioral problems and increases academic time for students. When this type of system is fully in place: 

    Providing predictability, stability, clear limits, consistency, and routine helps create safe learning environments. Structure helps students to develop internal control and self-discipline by organizing their world and providing age-appropriate opportunities for them to make their own positive decisions. PBIS has been successful in schools throughout the United States and has met with success in several school in Georgia.   


    We are Responsible 

    Walk and talk - keep moving in the halls and atrium.
    Be on time.
    Use passes wisely.
    Secure your valuables/electronics during the day.
    Bring your class supplies - agenda, textbook, pencil, paper, homework...

    We are Respectful 

    Respect yourself and peers.
    Maintain Personal Body Space.
    Follow Archer Dress Code.
    Respect all GCPS property and personnel.
    Use school appropriate language, tone, and volume.

    We are Role-Models 

    Make good choices.
    Be where you are supposed to be. Take the shortest route.
    Be honest and polite. Say please and thank you. Apologize and admit mistakes.
    Be an active learner. Stay on task.
    Put forth your best efforts.

    We are Archer! 
    For more information visit the PBIS website

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  • Title IX

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  • Certificate of Enrollment


    Pay for certificate of enrollment on MyPaymentsPlus. under school fees. Certificate of enrollment will be ready for student pick-up in attendance office 48 hours after payment has been processed.

  • Work Permit Info

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