New to GCPS

Additional Information

  • These additional documents will help us place your child correctly.

    • Withdrawal forms from previous school.
    • Transcript or report card from previous school.
    • Discipline record from the previous school or a document from the previous school stating the following: “Student has no discipline record.”
    • Individual Education Plan (IEP) - Required if your child received services through special education.
    • ESOL Students (Speakers of Other Languages) – International Center Documentation and ESOL Documentation. If you don’t have this documentation, please call The International Newcomer Center at 678-985-5200 to set up an appointment for your child to be tested.
    • Gifted Students: Gifted Eligibility Report. Students coming from out of state must be tested.
    • If divorced or separated, legal documentation showing registering parent as primary care giver.
    • Temporary Guardianship: A Letter of Guardianship is required for registration, if the enrolling adult is not the birth parent. Contact Gwinnett County Probate Court (770- 822-8350) to obtain guardianship information. The court is located at 75 Langley Dr. in Lawrenceville.
    • Registering parent’s Photo ID.

    We hate to see you go and wish your child the best during the transition to a new school!  The enrolling parent will need to come to school, fill out the withdrawal paperwork, and show ID.  Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for paperwork to be available for pickup.

  • Enrollment Forms

    K-12 Enrollment Form

    Change of Status - Enrollment Form

  • Health Records

    The following health records are required for a new student's registration. Both records MUST be on the Georgia Forms. These forms may be obtained from the Gwinnett County Health Department or your own physician.

    • Georgia Immunization. (Shot records) (Form 3231)
    • Dental, Vision, and Hearing Certification. (Form 3300)

    Parents may obtain these vaccines and updated certificates at the local health department or health care provider.

    Please visit our Clinic page to view 2022-2023 Immunization Information, including specific grade level requirements.

    Immunization forms are not sent automatically by the physician or health center.

  • Proof of Age

    Documents that verify Proof of age

    • a birth certificate
    • passport
    • adoption record
    • official school transcript
    • official immigration documentation.

  • Proof of Residency

    Proof of residency must show current address along with parent or legal guardian's name. Documents accepted that verifies Proof of Residency requirement includes:

    • a copy of a deed/contract/lease agreement
    • settlement statement accompanied by at least one utility bill (gas, water, electric, NOT phone)

    If you do not currently own, rent, or lease your place of residence, a notarized Residency Affidavit is required. 

  • Social Security Number

    State law requires that schools ask for this number at the time of enrollment. Students will be enrolled, even if the number is not provided; however, parents will be asked to sign a waiver.

    A Social Security Number is required to receive the HOPE Scholarship.

Contact Us

  • Registrar: Sofia Negron
    Office: 770-972-3224

    Walk-In Registration Hours 
    *9:00 am - 12:00 pm (Monday - Thursday) No registration on Friday

  • Re-enrolling Students

    Students who have previously attended a GCPS school at some point during an academic career will still have a student ID and are considered re-enrolling.

    Follow the instructions on how to upload your documents.


  • Returning Students

    Returning students are students who completed the previous school year at Shiloh Middle School OR are rising 6th-grade students from one of our cluster elementary schools: 

    1. Anderson - Livsey Elementary School
    2. Annistown Elementary School
    3. Centerville Elementary School
    4. Partee Elementary School
    5. Shiloh Elementary School

    Please inform us of any changes to your address or phone numbers. Refer to the Proof of Residency section of the documents required for student registration for documents we need to process a change of address.

    Please visit the Gwinnett County Public Schools' Immunizations page for additional information.

  • Transfer Students

    Students who are currently attending a GCPS school and change to another GCPS school are considered transfer students. 

    • Withdraw from last attending school.
    • Enroll and upload all required documents online.
    • Registration is not completed until all paperwork is received.
    • Please log in to and complete the additional school forms.  The forms will automatically pop-up.

    Additional Information:
    Please visit the Documents Needed for Registration section on the GCPS website for more information. Please view the instructions for uploading your documents

  • Permissive Transfers

    The Gwinnett County Board of Education has in place a process that allows students to transfer from their assigned school to another school within the district. This process includes permissive transfers, childcare/hardship transfers, medical/legal transfers, as well as the transfer of children of employees and current high school students rezoned to a new high school. Here's the permissive transfer process:

    For additional information about GCPS’ permissive transfer process and the form to request a transfer, contact the local school your child is zoned to attend.