Meal Prices

  • Breakfast:

     Elementary School: $1.50

    Middle/High School: $1.50

    Reduced Price (All Levels): $.30

    Adult: $2.50

    Milk: $.40



    Elementary School: $2.25

    Middle/High School: $2.50

    Reduced price: $.40

    Adults: $3.75

    Milk: $.40

    updated 2022.07.19

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  • Our Cafeteria Staff


    Nutrition is Top Priority

    Efforts have been made to bring more farm to school foods to Summerour. Students have a wide variety of healthy foods. We believe healthy bodies develop healthy brains. Our students will be more informed about foods and are better equipped to make healthy food choices. While nutrition is a big part of healthy living, it is not the only component. Exercise plays a key role.

    For more information and resources on nutrition, please investigate Gwinnett County Public School's nutrition page.

    Paying for Lunches

    Tired of Sending Cash to School?

    My Payments Plus allows you the option to pay for school meals online from the comfort of your own home. No more worries about your student losing lunch money before lunch. Might it be the right option for your family?

    Need Help Paying for Lunch?

    GCPS now offers an online application for free or reduced lunch. The online application is available in 2 languages: English and Español. Thirty-three other languages are available for download from that location. If you cannot get the application done online and you need a paper application in English or Español, those can be picked up in the offices at our school.

    Important! It may take up to 10 days for your application for Free / Reduced Lunch to be processed. Students are expected to pay full price for meals (and parents are responsible for all charges) until the application has been approved.